Youth (Ages 9-12) & Teen Martial Arts

“Everything we were looking for and more.”

“Our daughter has always been interested in martial arts. We searched for a school for quite some time, but none seemed to be the right fit until AHMA came into the picture. They were everything we were looking for and more. Their level of dedication and their love of the sport was evident in the respect, enthusiasm, and skill in which they use to teach each student while meeting their individual needs. Since studying under Grandmaster Art Hinkelbein and Master Melissa Bogart our daughter’s confidence, belief in herself, strength, and focus has improved tremendously. She has been able to use all that she’s learned on the mat in school as well as in other sports. We truly cannot say enough about AHMA, except that they are second to none. Amazing school, instructors, and a terrific and positive environment.” – Veronica & Christopher Reid 

Building Confidence. Creating Leaders. Developing the Future.

Our Award-Winning Youth & Teen Program is carefully structured to help young men and women succeed in our academy and more importantly, in life. Our classes are fast-paced, fun, educational and motivational with personalized instruction from teachers who truly care about your child’s success.  Everyday we are eager to get on the mat with our students and help them achieve milestones they never thought possible, help them create themselves, better themselves and watch their confidence soar. We pride ourselves in our personalized instruction. No two students are the same, therefore no two students should be taught the same.  Knowing each student to their core and understanding the perfect balance for them as individuals is the key to their success. Teaching from the heart is the only way we know and the only way we’ll ever do it.

Our Unique Curriculum Keeps Students Motivated

Our students are taught the most practical and effective elements of various martial arts disciplines, along with our own concepts and ideas, in one complete program.  We are known for our success in developing students who are proficient in multiple areas of self defense including blocking, striking, takedowns and submission.  Classes are filled with drills and exercises to develop your child both mentally and physically.  In a short time you will begin to see improvement in their self esteem, attitude, attention span, balance, flexibility, coordination and so much more.  Our diverse curriculum keeps students excited about what they are doing so they will be able to stay committed to achieving their goals.  When they begin to feel their progress they will beam with pride and start to see that hard work can be fun!

Our Students Gain Important Life Skills

  • Rock solid confidence 
  • Ability to set both short and long term goals without the fear of failure
  • A positive, “Yes I Can” attitude
  • Understanding the importance of hard work and dedication in all aspects of life
  • Patience and discipline
  • Focus to help them succeed in school and other activities
  • Respect and compassion for others
  • Self defense, awareness and ability to control bullying
  • Self control to help them avoid peer pressure

Together We Will Acheive Success

We recognize that in a child’s life, their parents are the greatest teachers they could have.  We are fully committed to and are highly successful in supporting our parents’ efforts to develop extraordinary young men and women.  When we work as a team, dedicated to your child’s individual needs, your son or daughter will acheive their personal best and success in every area of life.

“Skills she will use for the rest of her life!”

“We are extremely pleased with AHMA. Our daughter, Megan, attends this academy and she LOVES coming! Not only is she getting physical exercise, but she is learning self-defense as well. She also learns respect, self-confidence, how to focus, and is learning that hard-work and dedication will pay off. These are all skills she will use for the rest of her life! We are learning that Martial Arts is not just an activity, but is really a way of life. Master Art and Master Melissa are wonderful teachers who truly care about their students and want to see them succeed not only in class but in the real world too! We highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to enroll their children or even themselves in martial arts. You will not be disappointed!!” – Gerry & Danniel Costigliola