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 “They approach everything they do with passion and professionalism.”

It’s not often you meet people who have an important lasting impact on your life. We found that in Grand Master Art and Master Melissa for our son. They approach everything they do with passion and professionalism. They are teaching the kids life lessons and skills that go far beyond the mat. They instill the kids with discipline and respect, while enhancing their confidence every step of the way. Art and Melissa’s imparting wisdom will last a lifetime with our son and our family. We are so grateful to have the AHMA family in our lives.” -Kelly Zech

Our Academy is Family Owned and Operatedhinks2

Grandmaster Art and Master Melissa Hinkelbein are a husband and wife team in the business of changing lives. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal best whatever your age or goals for training may be. When you become a student of ours, you will be exactly that. We do not source our classes to outside instructors. You’ll find us on the mat teaching every day because it’s what we love to do. There is no greater reward than watching a person’s life transform, knowing we are part of the process. When you train with us you’re more than a student, you’re family.

Receive Personalized Instruction from Elite Martial Artists

We pride ourselves in our personalized instruction and dedication to each student’s individual needs. Taking the time to really know each student is the key to their success. With our many combined years of experience, we believe strongly in our “if you want it, earn it” style of teaching. We feed off each other and it brings a unique balance into the school and onto the mat. What we do goes way beyond martial arts, it’s about life. It’s about creating character, helping others find themselves and setting them up for success. Teaching from the heart is the only way we know and the only way we’ll ever do it.

Learn a Practical, Well-Rounded Self Defense System

We are known for our success in developing students who are proficient in multiple areas of self defense including blocking, striking, takedowns, grappling and submission whatever their age, size or skill level may be. Our versatile mixed martial arts curriculum is designed to be effective in real life situations. Students are taught the most practical and effective elements of various martial arts disciplines including Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing, along with our own concepts and ideas, in one complete program.

Train in a Safe, Friendly Environment

We maintain a positive learning environment where students help each other reach their goals. We train hard but train with control. Our students have a strong camaraderie and share mutual respect for one another. We are a family school.

 “They truly love what they do and why they do it.”

Melissa and Art are the definition of integrity, professionalism, and passion for what they teach. This school is their home and they take every effort to make sure their students feel at home as well. Their expertise and dedication to the art and to what they are teaching doesn’t compare to any other school — they truly love what they do and why they do it. Their purpose and mission is to create disciplined, respectful, well-rounded, confident people who can positively contribute to society beyond just the martial arts.” -Amanda Coupland


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