Our System

patch_logoMixed American Freestyle: A Practical, Well-Rounded Mixed Martial Arts System

Our system, Mixed American Freestyle, has been created by Grandmaster Art Hinkelbein over the course of his 50+ years of training and is continually modified with modern concepts designed for practicality in today’s world. Our students are taught a dynamic blend of the most effective elements of various martial arts disciplines including Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing, along with our own concepts and ideas, merged together into one complete program. Unlike most stand-alone systems that can be one dimensional, our system is both hard and soft and covers self defense from every angle, from the top down. Our students are also taught to understand the psychological aspects of confrontation, how to adapt and the proper amount of force to use depending on the severity of a situation. With this approach we are able to consistently develop students who are proficient in blocking, striking, evasion, takedowns and submission, but who also understand how and when it is appropriate to use their skills. 

Age Specific Curriculum

We believe students should be taught based on their capacity both physically and mentally, which is why our classes are broken into age specific groups.  The basis of the curriculum is the same across all age groups but the content is modified based on maturity level.  You can visit our program pages for more information about our Little Ninjas, Children’s, Youth & Teen and Adult Martial Arts Programs.

“Most effective self defense system.”

“I joined Art Hinkelbein’s Martial Arts Academy over three years ago with my wife. We had a phenomenal experience. You will learn the most effective self defense system by the most patient and caring instructors. They can accommodate all skill levels and challenge you physically and mentally. If you are looking to train and have no experience or are a black belt I recommend you go here. You will not regret it. When my daughter is old enough I will enroll her too. I highly recommend AHMA to anyone with an interest in martial arts and self defense. – Steve Gleason