Adult Martial Arts

“AHMA has changed my life for the better.”

“Training with Master Art has improved my stamina and self confidence. At the age of 27 I decided to better myself by enrolling in the program. I was often tired and unfocused.  All of this changed with my introduction to martial arts.   AHMA has changed my life for the better.  I am now a self-assured, physically fit and motivated person. The adult program is a fun, challenging workout that is highly rewarding.”  –Ryan Carver

adult_bagsEnjoy a Great Workout in a Safe and Friendly Environment

With the many challenges you face on a daily basis, wouldn’t it be great to find a workout with a purpose? Look no further!  Our program is designed to help you achieve your personal best mentally and physically, bringing your life into balance.  The diversity of our curriculum will keep you excited and motivated, making it easy to stay committed to achieving your goals.  In a short time you will see improvements in your muscle and core development, cardiovascular health, stamina, flexibility and coordiation.  You’ll also begin to maintain a more positive attitude and be less bothered by stressful situations.  When you feel great you’ll have more energy and be more productive in every area of life.

Self Defense to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Our versatile curriculum is designed to be effective in real life situations.  Students are taught the most practical and effective elements of various martial arts disciplines, along with our own concepts and ideas, in one complete program.  We are known for our success in developing students who are proficient in multiple areas of self defense including blocking, striking, takedowns and submission.  Every technique, based upon proper physics, is designed to be effective regardless of the size or strength of an attacker.  

We Train Like Family

Though everyone may walk through the door for a different reason, our students share many common goals and support each other’s development with respect and consideration.  As a new student, your classmates will greet you with a smile and be eager to help you throughout your journey, then there will come a day you do the same for someone else.  We are family and we treat each other as such.

We are Committed to Your Success

Everyday we are eager to get on the mat with our students and help them achieve milestones they never thought possible, help them create themselves, better themselves and watch their confidence soar.  We are honored to watch these transformations happen no matter a student’s age or experience level.  We pride ourselves in our personalized instruction and understanding that no two students are the same, therefore no two students should be taught the same. Knowing you to your core and finding the perfect balance for you as an individual is the key to your success. Teaching from the heart is the only way we know and the only way we’ll ever do it.

“Glad that I am part of such a great program.”

“Under the guidance of Grandmaster Art and Master Melissa, I have learned much about self defense and the study of Martial Arts; but I have learned a lot about myself, too. Their unique program teaches you to use your mind and body efficiently and effectively. AHMA has changed my life and I am glad that I am a part of such a great program.” -Diane Boyle