Master Ronika Eckart

Master Ronika Eckart
5th Degree Black Belt
Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice

Ronika Eckart started training with Grandmaster Art Hinkelbein when she was eight years old, and has now been training for over 20 years.  She earned her 4th degree black belt in 2013.  Miss Roni enjoys her time as an instructor in the Youth and Teen Programs, as well as a student in the Adult Program.  Miss Roni delights in sharing her passion for martial arts, and hopes her enthusiasm inspires her students and fellow classmates to continue their lifelong journey in martial arts.

Ms. Roni’s passion also extends to running.  As captain of the Stockton University track team, she achieved a state championship in the 100m hurdles and qualified for NCAA nationals in long jump. Her experiences as a captain helped develop her skills as a leader and teacher.  She graduated from Stockton University in 2009 with a degree in Criminal Justice and now works as a paralegal in Point Pleasant.

“Made me a better athlete, a better student and a better person.”

I started training with Master Art when I was a shy 8 year old kid.  I had no idea the role it would have in shaping my life.  Being a martial artist has made me a better athlete, a better student and a better person.  It’s not just something we do, it’s who we are.  –Ronika Eckart