Black Belt Testing | 4/28/18

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Words really cannot express the amount of emotion and pride we feel after a test like this. Earning the honor of black belt is not an easy task in our school, so the moment you watch your students tie that symbol of excellence around their waist is truly incredible and inspiring. It takes discipline, it takes consistency and it takes grit. We are so PROUD of you all!! This day is equally amazing for us as it is for you!! We love you guys!

Congratulations to:
Colin Thompson – 1st Degree Black Belt
Joe Babick – 1st Degree Black Belt
Alexis Rosko – 1st Degree Black Belt

We have to give special recognition to a woman who has had that grit for the past 22 years. She defines consistency, she is a great role model, leader and teacher. Congratulations to the new MASTER Ronika Eckart – 5th Degree Black Belt!! You are so deserving and we couldn’t be more excited for you as you enter this new chapter in your martial arts career!

Thank you to everyone who came to support these guys! Your day will come, keep working hard!