Youth Testimonials

“What makes Master Art’s school the best.. Master Art himself.”

“I have 3 sons 2 of which have been attending Art Hinkelbein Martial Arts Academy for almost 2 years. Each of them have different personalities and different interest but they both love MMA. My youngest has ADHD. He has always struggled with school and even organized sports. Martial arts has taught him a self discipline like no other. This self discipline has moved out of the martial arts class and into his everyday life. My oldest son is timid and was nervous at first to join. He isn’t the most coordinated child and was afraid, like with other sports, he wouldn’t excel. Boy was he wrong. The best part about MMA is that an individual develops at their own pace. The only person you compete against is yourself. Well that became his driving force and he did excel. So what makes Master Art’s school better than the rest….well it is Master Art himself. Master Art doesn’t only teach Martial Arts, he teaches the kids how to have confidence in themselves. Even if he has to correct a child’s technique he does it in away that picks them up, not puts them down. He would never destroy a child’s confidence. He has instilled in my boys it’s not what you do it’s is how you do it. He truly cares about his students and wants them to succeed in everything they do in life. Master Melissa and him work hard to develop each student into the best martial artist they can be.– Amy Clancy

“Master Art and Master Melissa are fantastic instructors.”

“We love AHMA! Master Art and Master Melissa are fantastic instructors. My daughters (6 and 8) have been students for almost a year now and we are very happy with their progress. Beyond all of the cool moves that they are learning, we have seen improvements in focus, self confidence, and respect.” – Eric Barnes

“Great family to be a part of.”

“Masters Art and Melissa are two of the most dedicated, hard working, respectful instructors I have ever met. A great academy, great atmosphere and a great ‘family’ to be a part of.– Lisa Babick

“Passionate and great at what they do.”

“Highly recommended. Before going to the coast guard, my son attended classes. Master Art & Master Melissa couldn’t have better enhanced him both physically and mentally. I only wish I would have enrolled him at an earlier age. My 9 year old daughter now attends and I already see a positive change in her. Master Art and Master Melissa are passionate and great at what they do. The facility is very clean and everyone there is very professional and nice.– Victoria Velez

“AHMA is a rare find among the world of martial arts!”

“Who would have known 6 years later we’d still be traveling from Manhattan each week to be with Master Art & Miss Melissa!  Not only do they provide practical life skills and excellent instruction, they are also two of the most dedicated and kindest people who love their craft.  AHMA is a rare find among the world of martial arts!  They encourage their students to be their personal best, at their own pace.  Their philosophy of respect and hard work trickles down from them to their students making it a wonderful place to be part of.” –Lorin Schneider

“Leaps and bounds in both confidence level and ability to focus.”

“To say our son was struggling would be an understatement. He lacked any self-confidence or focus and it was hurting him in every aspect of his life. We decided to look to martial arts in hopes of helping him in those areas and we are so glad we did!! Not only is he, as is the rest of our family, treated with such love and respect, but Jack has come leaps and bounds in both his confidence level and his ability to focus. His teachers even now reach out to tell us how much different he has become over the past six months. Best decision ever to allow Master Art and Master Melissa into our lives, and we look forward to many years to come!!” – Kristen & Scott Pillar

“Everything we were looking for and more.”

“Our daughter has always been interested in martial arts. We searched for a school for quite some time, but none seemed to be the right fit until AHMA came into the picture. They were everything we were looking for and more. Their level of dedication and their love of the sport was evident in the respect, enthusiasm, and skill in which they use to teach each student while meeting their individual needs. Since studying under Grandmaster Art Hinkelbein and Master Melissa Bogart our daughter’s confidence, belief in herself, strength, and focus has improved tremendously. She has been able to use all that she’s learned on the mat in school as well as in other sports. We truly cannot say enough about AHMA, except that they are second to none. Amazing school, instructors, and a terrific and positive environment.” – Christopher & Veronica Reid

“Caring and wonderful.”

“My husband and I have been bringing both of our children to AHMA for a few years now! Both Master Melissa and Master Art have been caring and wonderful. We see AHMA as not just another activity for our kids but an opportunity to gain life skills and confidence! We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a martial arts studio, adult or child!” – Sara Wilbert

“The best MMA school ever!”

“We were lucky enough to have found out about Master Art Hinkelbein’s MMA at Lacey day 2 years ago. We were trying to find something for our son Ryan to be a part of and get involve in. He watched a demo of them that day and looked at us and said that place is where I belong!  We signed him up for a two week trial and that was it! We have seen Ryan flourish! He has gained so much strength, confidence, self discipline and we see him show more respect of others over the last 2 years! Master Art and Master Melissa not only teach him martial arts and self defense, they teach him how to make smarter decisions on how to handle himself in other situations in life. Master Art and Master Melissa run their class in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Ryan has not only showed improvement in his skills physically and mentally after each and every class, he has also found some great friends. We cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for him!! Ryan can’t wait to go to class and always leaves with a huge smile on his face! Art Hinkelbein’s MMA is in our opinion the best MMA school ever!!” – Rose & Richard Bianco

“It gives her such a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

“Enrolling our 6 year old daughter, Olivia, at Art Hinkelbein Martial Arts Academy was a wonderful decision. She is so proud of all that she has learned and is eager to learn more. She looks forward to class each week, and even more so, each test to earn a stripe or belt color change. It gives her such a sense of accomplishment and pride. Master Art and Master Melissa both show such compassion and interest in each child in the class and make Olivia feel so special. We would recommend the school to anyone interested in increasing their strength, self confidence and overall well-being.” – Crystal & Brian Kurtz

“The way they speak, interact and teach the children is AMAZING.”

“When we were told about AHMA, it sounded like somewhere my daughter would go to learn to protect herself – but to say that, would be an understatement! She has learned so much more…her confidence has grown, not only in class but in her everyday life and other activities. Her coordination, mental and physical attitude have all shown improvement, in only a few short months. Master Art and Melissa take the time to get to know each student and make sure that they are consistently improving – the way they speak, interact and teach the children is AMAZING. The skills and attitude she is learning will be used in every part of her life. I highly recommend AHMA for anyone – the benefits are endless!!” – Kim & Ryan Horahan

“They truly care about the kids & families.”

“I’m so happy we made the choice to sign Matthew up for classes. Art Hinkelbein Martial Arts is a great school. Matthew has come a long way since starting, with focus , strength & respect. Master Art & Master Melissa are awesome people. I know Matthew looks up to them, even I look up to them. They truly care about the kids & families.” – Sue & Jay Hildebrant

“Masters Art & Melissa instill great leadership skills.”

“I want to thank Art Hinkelbein Martial Arts Academy for the great work teaching that they have given to my daughter Marissa in the Martial Arts. They have not only provided teachings on the martial arts but also given her life lessons in discipline, confidence in herself and also focus which has translated into her school work and other sports.  Both Master Art & Master Melissa instill great leadership skills into all their students, adults and children. They also provide teachings in self-defense and dealing with today’s youth sensitive issues, such as bullying. They both teach in a safe environment with safety as a priority with their young students. I as a parent highly recommend AHMA to any young students looking to start in the martial arts.” – Jim Flores

“Your school is truly the best.”

“Art Hinkelbein Martial Arts is an Outstanding school!!  I can’t thank Master Art and Master Melissa enough for making such a positive difference in my girls’ life. Your school is truly the best!” – Kim & Dave Zezza

“Skills she will use for the rest of her life!”

“We are extremely pleased with AHMA. Our daughter, Megan, attends this academy and she LOVES coming! Not only is she getting physical exercise, but she is learning self-defense as well. She also learns respect, self-confidence, how to focus, and is learning that hard-work and dedication will pay off. These are all skills she will use for the rest of her life! We are learning that Martial Arts is not just an activity, but is really a way of life. Master Art and Master Melissa are wonderful teachers who truly care about their students and want to see them succeed not only in class but in the real world too! We highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to enroll their children or even themselves in martial arts. You will not be disappointed!!” – Gerry & Danniel Costigliola

“They also enforce the importance of self respect and respect for others.”

“We are so happy we enrolled Brianna in AHMA. Masters Art and Melissa teach more than martial arts and self defense, they also enforce the importance of self respect and respect for others. Their teaching techniques have really helped her develop physically and mentally. Brianna always looks forward to going to class and is so proud of herself when she attains a new rank . We enjoy watching her in class and we’re so pleased when Master Art compliments her kicks and punches. We would highly recommend Art Hinkelbein Martial Arts Academy.” – Aimee & Roger Kuliczkowski

“Gained great confidence and self discipline.”

“Our  daughter has gained great confidence and self discipline since being enrolled at AHMA. She enjoys it very much and looks forward to going every week.” – Barbara & George Rosko

“Can make even the worst day the best day.”

“At Master Art’s they teach you courage.. enough to stand up to the biggest bully.  They give you the confidence to be able to stand up for your work and be your own person.  The focus you gain from going to Master Art’s helps you with school work, sports, anything.  The nicest people are at Master Art’s so it’s easy to build friendships that stay with you for a long time.  Most importantly the pride, happiness, and excitement you get when you learn something new or do something right that you’ve been practicing so hard can make even the worst day the best day.” –Sarah Gallagher, Student

“My Masters are great teachers. They make me smile.”

“I wanted to go to MMA because I wanted to know how to defend myself from any harm. My class is great and I met new friends. My classmates are the best. I have been in MMA for almost two years and I’ve learned a lot. My Masters are great teachers. They make me smile.” – Alexis Rosko, Student

“Will be the best decision you ever make for your children or yourself.”

“As a former student and parent of 3 former students who all trained under Grand Master Art and with Melissa for many years, I want to let other parents know the training your children receive at AHMAA gives them the ability to defend themselves in dangerous situations, it also teaches them life lessons so they make the RIGHT decisions in school and more importantly with their FRIENDS. Training at AHMAA will be the best decision you ever make for your children or yourself. Train Hard…”  –Fred Russo

“He has grown more and more confident with each class.”

“Enrolling my son in Master Art’s class is the best thing I have done for him.  He is learning martial arts, which has greatly improved his coordination, agility, and stamina – but more importantly he is learning respect, discipline, and values.  He has grown more and more confident with each class and has a great attitude.  Master Art doesn’t only teach martial arts, he makes your child a better person.  What more could a parent ask for!”  –Guy & Debbie Dente

“Signing my son up for MMA classes was the best decision I ever made.” 

“I signed my son up for Master Art Hinkelbein’s MMA classes because I felt it was important for him to learn how to protect himself.  After a year of attending classes we have learned that there is so much more to mixed martial arts than we thought.  He has learned to be more focused, have more responsibility, be more confident, have more flexibility, and is more health conscious.  Plus, I don’t worry about him being able to protect himself from bullying anymore.  Signing my son up for MMA classes was the best decision I ever made.  Now my daughter became a student and I am thrilled!”  –Nadine & Ryan Morgan