Adult Testimonials

“MMA at AHMA has been such a rewarding experience.”

“My husband and I were looking for a fun work-out that we can do together. We came across Art Hinkelbein Martial Arts, tried a free session and have been hooked ever since! MMA at AHMA has been such a rewarding experience for the both of us. Master Art and Master Melissa are such dedicated and caring instructors who genuinely care about every student’s progress. My husband and I have always tackled working out differently at the gym but at AHMA, we can follow the same program and enjoy the same class. It has been a great experience so far and we have both learned so much, all thanks to AHMA!” – Julie Gleason

“At 40, I’ve finally found a regiment that works for my whole self.” 

“I have been training at AHMA since November 2013. I was a gymnast for 13+ years, I did pilates for several years, and belonging to a gym just was not for me. Struggling to find something that fit me, I was advised by my 7 year old daughter to try AHMA because of their adorable Yellow Lab mascot, Chi… I said I’ll look into it.  THAT WAS IT!! After my first trial class I was hooked!. Taking 2 or 3 hour long classes each week is like having personal training sessions. Masters Art & Melissa take the time to work with you through your training. I have never felt inner and outer strength like I do now. I feel as if I’m not judged and the Masters and classmates are so easy to work with and want you to go forward with yourself. My family and friends not only tell me they can see the tone in my body, but also a change in my outlook and attitude towards life.  AHMA not only trains your body, but your inner being. I find myself working on my techniques and my inner self daily. I can truly say that at 40, I’ve finally found a regiment that works for my whole self. I would recommend AHMA to anyone, child or adult.” – Lisa Marotta

“I have seen so many positive changes in myself.”

“I walked through the door of AHMA not knowing what to expect, but within that first lesson the picture becomes so clear. Grandmaster Art and Master Melissa’s passion for their art is the first thing that is evident. I have seen so many positive changes in myself since becoming a student, from an increased energy level, to all the physical benefits this school has given me. All the students in the adult class help and want you to succeed to be a better you. I can’t think of a better place to challenge yourself. Soon after I joined, my daughter also became a member. Watching her focus and agility grow is amazing! The positive reinforcement  of respect and listening, working hard and concentration is something they can carry with them their whole life. It truly is a remarkable place to learn and become physically fit.”  – Peter Burns

“Perfect environment for my wife and I to train together.”

“AHMA has provided the perfect environment for my wife and I to train together. Master Art and the instructors’ knowledge across many disciplines is both remarkable and unquestioned, however their genuine interest in us as people instead of just students makes them truly special.”  –Tim Dennis

“More than impressed.”

“More than impressed by this Martial Arts Studio, it’s owners love what they do & it shows. They personally care about each and every one of their students success & accomplishments.” – Gina Gearity

“Joining is the best decision I have ever made.”

“I was introduced to Master Art’s school by a friend. Joining is the best decision I have ever made. This system will transform your life in ways you will never understand until you walk in the door. Master Art is a truly dedicated mentor and instructor whose top priority is the success and well-being of his students.”  –Dan Lockward

“Vast knowledge and expertise.”

Fantastic!! Grand Master Hinkelbein and Melissa make learning fun and with their vast knowledge and expertise, Art Hinkelbein Martial Arts Academy is THE place to learn!  –Candace Maffetone

“Most effective self defense system.”

“I joined Art Hinkelbein’s Martial Arts Academy over three years ago with my wife. We had a phenomenal experience. You will learn the most effective self defense system by the most patient and caring instructors. They can accommodate all skill levels and challenge you physically and mentally. If you are looking to train and have no experience or are a black belt I recommend you go here. You will not regret it. When my daughter is old enough I will enroll her too. I highly recommend AHMA to anyone with an interest in martial arts and self defense. – Steve Gleason

“Well run and professional.”

“Not only are the owners extremely talented teachers, the school is well-run and professional. Hard to find places as good as this!” – Kim Carver

“Practical and straight to the point.”

For a long time, I wanted to get into martial arts the right way, and training under Master Art has taught me so much more than any other system I’ve tried, including Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do. His concepts and principles are very practical and straight to the point and stay with me every day of my life.  Ever since I began my journey at AHMA, I brim with confidence every day and my spirit can never be broken.  –Colin Thompson

“What happens on the inside of each student is a skill that transforms them.”

I first walked through the door of Master Art’s school for my son.  Now I walk through the door with my son.  The environment allows each student to discover possibilities.  From the outside it may appear students are only learning physical techniques, but what happens on the inside of each student is a skill that transforms them.  –Veronica Gallagher

“Made me a better athlete, a better student and a better person.”

I started training with Master Art when I was a shy 8 year old kid.  I had no idea the role it would have in shaping my life.  Being a martial artist has made me a better athlete, a better student and a better person.  It’s not just something we do, it’s who we are.  –Ronika Eckart

“AHMA has changed my life for the better.”

Training with Master Art has improved my stamina and self confidence. At the age of 27 I decided to better myself by enrolling in the program. I was often tired and unfocused.  All of this changed with my introduction to martial arts.   AHMA has changed my life for the better.  I am now a self-assured, physically fit and motivated person. The adult program is a fun, challenging workout that is highly rewarding.  –Ryan Carver

“The people here have become like a family to me.”

I started training at AHMA when I was a shy 6 year old girl.  Throughout my years training I have become a more confident woman.  I have built high self-esteem and have become a stronger person.  Over the 11 years, Master Art and all the people here have become like a family to me.  I appreciate everything they have done and all their support.  –Kelsey Scarano